Natural Therapeutics massage therapist - Debbie Pomeroy

Debbie Pomeroy

Debbie started Natural Therapeutics after she graduated Lakeside School of Massage in 1989. Debbie was the pioneer of massage back then and first licensed massage therapist in the area. Since formal school she has taken many certification courses over the years including Deep Muscle, Trigger Point and Repetitive Use Injury Therapy. She can go as deep as you would like or as light of pressure for what your body needs. Hot Stone Therapy is a nice option also. Debbie is a Reiki Master and does Level 1 CranioScaral along with Reflexology. She believes her intuitive nature goes a long way for natural healing. She also practices Holistic Alternative Psychology.

Debbie has always believed that natural homeopathy is the best way to go first, we will always need western medicine but, give your body a chance to heal its self first. (With a little help from healing hands!)

Natural Therapeutics massage therapist - Sue Gummo

Sue Gummo

Sue’s passion for Massage Therapy dates back to when she was 3 years old, when her mother was attending massage school. Growing up she watched and learned from her mother, the art of giving a massage. When Sue was 16 years old she received training in Reiki and is attuned to the 2nd level.

In 2014 Suzy completed her Reiki Master then continued on to become a Reiki teacher in the Spring of 2015.

Upon completion of high school, Sue attended Equissage School in Round Hill, VA and earned certification in Equine/Canine Sports massage. In the summer of 2005, Sue graduated from the Lakeside School of Massage Therapy and passed the National Boards in 2006. Since then every day in the field of massage therapy has been a joyous learning experience. Sue has continued her education and become certified in Prenatal massage and Hot Stone. She is currently studying to be certified in CranialSacral therapy she is currently on level 3.

Natural Therapeutics massage therapist - Debbie Pomeroy

Rob Behncke

Rob offers a wealth of experience in massage therapy and bodywork since 1998, when he started a private practice in northeast Florida. Prior to that he had background working in Physical Therapy settings, where he gained experience with many orthopedic conditions in sports medicine. Rob wanted to offer more than the typical protocol offered in these PT clinics, so the journey to offering more personalized hands on wellness care began. After finishing a massage therapy program in Jacksonville Beach, FL, he shared a private practice there, working with athletes (professional NFL players, collegiate swimmers, professional dancers and gymnasts, as well as weekend warriors and elderly clients ).

Though these were great experiences, Rob has most been touched by the opportunities he’s had since moving back to the Midwest and working in various treatment settings, where he has worked on cancer patients, the critically ill, and also those referred through mental health. He has learned to integrate care to treat the whole person. After having more experiences with those struggling to manage depression, anxiety and even PTSD to varying degrees, Rob knows the value of offering healing intent and a quiet, respectful space for his clients.

My goal: “Simply to listen to my clients needs, and offer both skilled massage therapy and compassionate wellness care to my clients in a safe space.”

Specific modalities offered in my sessions:
• Myofascial release
• Reflexology
• Orthopedic massage/NMT

Natural Therapeutics massage therapist - Sue Gummo

Grace Miazga 

Grace Miazga is a Licensed Aesthetician and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who helps clients feel beautiful and healthy from the inside-out.

After graduating from the Beauty and Health Institute in Tampa, FL in 2015, Grace worked for 5 years at a medical spa located in Sarasota, FL and Delafield, WI while still pursuing her dietetics career. Grace graduated from UW-Green Bay in 2013 with a BS in Human Biology and emphasis in Nutritional Sciences & Dietetics. She had worked in the field of dietetics for nearly 7 years, including clinical, foodservice and community nutrition environments, before opening her own nutrition private practice in April of 2020.

Grace helps others discover their own sense of health and wellness through revitalizing facial treatments and personalized nutrition services. Her mission is to help you feel your best so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

In her spare time, Grace enjoys hiking with her dog and fiance, and planning her wedding for September 2021.

Grace is now available for spa and facial services, as well as, private nutrition consultations.

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