For the past 35 years, the therapists at Natural Therapeutics have been serving the Milwaukee and Waukesha County areas with quality massage and wellness services. We look forward to serving you and learning about your wellness needs!


Massages can be as deep or as light as you would like. We tailor our techniques based on your needs, and our therapists are trained in the following: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic, Sports Massage, Repetitive Injury, Geriatric, & Pre-Natal*.

30 minutes ~ $55
60 minutes ~ $95
75 minutes ~ $130
90 minutes ~ $155
120 minutes ~ $185

Couples Massage:
60 minutes ~ $190
90 minutes ~ $310

Massage Upgrades ($15/Upgrade): We offer Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy, and Massage with Ayurvedic Oils as add-ons to any massage. We have 3 different Ayurvedic blends designed to help with tense muscles/joints (Mahanarayan), stress/anxiety (Ashwaganda/Bala), and weight loss/detoxification (Kapha).

    30 minutes ~ $60.00
    60 minutes ~ $165.00
    90 minutes ~ $165.00*
    90 minutes ~ $165.00*
  • *We do have a shower onsite for the Salt Scrub or Mud Wrap, but it is available for any customer’s use. Please inform Natural Therapeutics Wellness, LLC staff so we can allow time for this use. Time to use the shower is built into the above services.

*Some services are contraindicated for expected mothers. Please let Natural Therapeutics Wellness, LLC staff know that you are pregnant when booking.

Natural Therapeutics massage for all ages and hot stone massage

Natural Therapeutics Reiki & Craniosacral mind therapies

Reiki and Craniosacral are both mind-body therapies that balance the subtle energies of the body through light touch. Reiki emerged in Japan during the late 1800’s and aims to help the flow of universal energy around the body. Craniosacral focuses specifically on the membranes and movement of fluids in and around the central nervous system. They are both deeply relaxing and can help speed up recovery from injury, surgery, or traumas of various kinds.

Reiki 60 minutes ~ $110.00
Reiki Blessings (Reiju) ~ $10


NTW Express Facial (30 min) ~ $65
This facial is anything but basic, and is the perfect introduction to our skin care services. It includes a 3 step process of cleansing, exfoliate, and moisturizer leaving your skin with a healthy glow.

NTW Facial w/ Muscle Toning ~ $100

NTW Express Facial w/ Dermaplaning (30 min) ~ $80
Dermaplaning is a skin treatment similar to microdermabrasion. By using an exfoliating blade to take off the first layer of hair and dead skin cells from your face, combined with our Express Facial, your skin will be smooth and blemish-free.

NTW Signature Facial (60 min) ~ $100
Taking your skin care to the next level, our signature facial will have you refreshed and relaxed. It is customized to your specific needs including consultation, our 3 step process of cleansing, exfoliate and moisturizing, but with the addition of a hydration mask, and hand & scalp massage.

NTW Anti Aging Facial ~ $100
Designed for the mature skin in mind, we have perfected this facial with the balance of skin brightening and wrinkle reducing appearance. Choose from a variety of hydration, vitamin infused, or enzyme applications, and see a more youthful and happier you.

Myotonology Facial (60 min) ~ $100
This is one of our best kept secrets. A non-invasive alternative which tones and re contours the skin. Using a micro technology to stimulate and strengthen muscle tissue helping reduce the signs of aging. A series of 6 treatments is best for sustaining results.

Chemical Peels (30 min) ~ $60 and up
Chemical peels are a great way to exfoliate the skin to a healthy glow. Peels can be used for many different ailments and vary in strength and can be varied per treatment so consultation is required to decide which is a best fit for your skin type. Solution is applied to the face, neck or hands to improve skin tone and texture.

Facial Add-Ons:
We offer a 30-minute massage and dermaplaning as add-ons to any facial.
30-Minute Massage ~ $45
Dermaplaning ~ $15

Natural Therapeutics facials

Full Set Starting $175 + based on volume of lash
Fill 2-3 weeks $75 + based on volume and condition of lashes


Holistic Psychology goes beyond the mind to look at caring for the body and spirit as well. In addition, holistic psychology looks at diet, exercise and how much play and joy one has in life. Our therapist, Debbie Pomeroy, is a board-certified practitioner who practices the M.I.N.D.S philosophy (Mind Inspired New Dynamics System).

60 minute session ~ $100.00


Allow for your appointment to be anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes long.

Natural Therapeutics waxing

Back (45 min) ~ $60.00
Brow (15 min) ~ $25.00
Chest (15 min) ~ $45.00
Full Arm (45 min) ~ $50.00
Full Face (30 min) ~ $50.00 (This includes brow, lip, and chin waxing.)
Full Leg (45 min) ~ $60.00
Half Arm (15 min) ~ $30.00
Half Leg (15 min) ~ $40.00
Lip & Chin (15 min) ~ $30.00
Nose (15 min) ~ $10.00
Stomach (15 min) ~ $20.00
Under Arm (15 min) ~ $30.00
Brazilian wax ~ $70.00

  • EAR CANDLING ~ $45.00
  • BEMMER SESSION (16-24 min) ~ $25.00
  • REDLIGHT BEMMER SESSION (60 min. ~ $60.00
  • *Bemer and detoxifying foot bath are often bought together!*
  • PARAFFIN HAND WAX ~ $12.00
    Readings are usually 45 minuntes but leave up to an hour
Natural Therapeutics Horse & Dog Massage

HORSE AT BARN ~ $95.00
DOG AT HOME ~ $75.00

Equine and Canine sports massage helps your pet to increase mobility, help with healing from injury, help decrease sensitivity and increase circulation. This promotes a happier, healthier pet. It is also quite beneficial for the horse or dog right before a show or competition.

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